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9 · 27 · 23
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Well, here’s a turn of events. 

I’m starting off a 6-week Wellbeing Coaching programme, and it’s not just for my clients – I’m going to be doing it as well! 

I have been sitting, nose to my laptop for 6 months, working with clients while also developing my Get Healthy For Life programme, and telling myself that I would exercise “later” and “eventually” and “I know I should, but I’ve got to finish X first…” 

Well, as in Gabor Mate’s book title – eventually ‘The Body Says No.’  Having sat for yet another few hours the other weekend, polishing my programme materials before the next enrolments, first of all I developed a shoulder impingement (where I had leant on my own shoulder for too long – spot the symbolism) then sciatica – literally a pain in the …proverbial.  

I had been annoyed with myself, as, despite trying very hard, I hadn’t quite got my…proverbial… into gear.  When that happens in the body, a smaller muscle, the piriformis deep in the buttock muscle tries to help out and take over.  Trouble is, if that too is a bit weak from lack of exercise, then it can try too hard, get over-tight and it becomes possible to “get on your own nerves,” literally. 

The muscle tightens up, traps the sciatic nerve under itself and bingo – as I said, it’s a “real pain in the…”  

And it was real, alright – I could hardly climb the stairs. I could walk or stand, but not sit on my …proverbial…and that was symbolic too. I needed to get off my proverbial!!  But I also needed to both rest and relax these over-tight muscles. 

Now I’ve realised, and the message my body has been trying to tell me has got through, it is finally starting to ease off, but it’s been a hard lesson. 

So, if you want to join me in getting round to something that you know you really need and want to do, (before it becomes a right pain) then please consider joining my Wellbeing Coaching programme!   

It’s 6 weeks, and I’ve made it even more flexible. You can start any week, as I provide you with an onboarding session, so it six weeks or so, from whenever you start. and now either Tuesday or Thursday lunchtimes, 12:30-13:30pm.  You can pick whichever you prefer, either week.  If there is a week when you really can’t make either day, you can extend the sessions for a week or two to accommodate. 

This isn’t just for six weeks – these skills will serve you for a lifetime, helping you gradually change the course and destination of your life from something that might have been a bit ho-hum, into a life you can enjoy every day, and look back on with pride.

Join the programme button link here – copied from Wellbeing Coaching page:


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