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I’m Liz McGregor

Liz McGregor

Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath and Wellbeing Coach

Are you fed up with feeling tired, brain-fogged and unhealthy, with the prospect of going gradually downhill, despite trying to eat well and exercise?

Are you worried about having to take drugs for life, or the impact of your health on your work?

Would you like to shift back to enjoying feeling focused, lively and sleeping well, where you can fulfil what you want to do with your life?

I’m Liz McGregor, a Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath and Wellbeing Coach. I’m also a ‘Health Detective’, an expert in uncovering the root causes of your chronic conditions.

I give you the secrets to health, so your body can heal itself naturally, just like it does a cut finger.

You are here because you care about the impact your condition might have on your health, your work and your family – and you want to find a solution that tackles everything.

That’s where I come in.

We work in a partnership that rebuilds your health throughout your body and mind. You can start to feel results almost immediately, as we are working with your body, not against it.

Get Heathy For Life Programme Overview

The programme itself is a distillation of thousands of hours of research and reading, dispelling myths, clarifying confusions and getting you clear on what genuinely works to Get Healthy For Life. It gives you the fundamental understanding you need to recover your health.

The different modules within the programme take you week by week through ways to help you recognise, deal with and overcome whatever is getting in the way of you living your best, most vibrant life, so that you can feel fulfilled, successful and happy.

What’s Included:

  1. Tiny Habits for Small, Easy Changes
  2. Sleep
  3. Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Balancing
  4. Stress Management, Mental Health and Developing Resilience
  5. Getting your Energy Back
  6. Gut Health
  7. Heart Health
  8. Brain Health
  9. Immune Health
  10. Joint, Muscle and Bone Health
  11. Detoxification Principles
  12. Happiness and Self Care

There is also detailed guidance on:

  • Foods, Lifestyle factors and Supplements that help
  • Printable shopping lists and menu plans

The programme is delivered within packages of support, known as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.  They all provide the same programme information, but the level of personalised sessions you receive is different.

The Bronze package is self-study only.  For the Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages, you have access to the same programme information, and you join a Zoom call, for about an hour each week.  We cover a different topic each week in the 12 week programme and you will have access to the materials beforehand.

The programme is deliberately set out like this, to help you access what interests you first, and then absorb the information gradually, and put small changes in place that build into Getting You Healthy For Life.

We have a live question and answer session in the Zoom call, focusing on the specific module and exercise for that week, although you can still ask any questions you have about anything else.

There will also be a wellbeing coaching exercise that helps you to begin taking small steps to put some of the ideas into practice.

There is also a WhatsApp group for support in between sessions, sharing experiences, anecdotes and fun stuff.

If you need to miss a group call, the recording for that week will be posted into the Practicebetter shared area, and available for 12 weeks before being archived.

Prices start at just £125 for the self-study Bronze package.  Call me to discuss what might be the best option for you, as that depends on what conditions you want to address. In the Silver, Gold and Platinum Package options, you will be joining a community of people on a similar journey, who are sharing what is working for them, and will be cheering you on with what they have already tried and learned.

In these days of inflation and rising food prices I do have a payment plan for all the programmes except the Bronze package, with a 10% discount on the total for those who pay in full at booking.

Once you know the essentials, you can start applying those principles, at a speed that works for you. You begin to feel better and better, taking small but significant steps, honing your self-care skills and reaping the rewards of more energy, a sharper brain and a happier mindset.

You will have access to the programme for a full year and can go back to it anytime to refresh your knowledge and take some of the other suggested action steps to continue your journey. There are plenty of them to choose from!

Bronze Package

This is the option where you get access to the Programme information and you work through it independently as self-study.

By the end of twelve weeks, you will have just about everything you need, to get yourself Healthy For Life.

Liz McGregor
Liz McGregor

Silver Package

You join the group with weekly guidance on specific topics and support on the Zoom call where you can talk to me live, with any questions on any topic, receive  encouragement and accountability, plus shared wisdom from the group.  There is also a weekly coaching exercise that is often insightful and fun, getting you in touch with what you truly want and helping you take small steps to begin to feel successful. You can take part in the WhatsApp group in between consultations to answer any ongoing queries and share experiences, anecdotes and fun stuff.

Gold Package

You receive an in-depth, 90 minute analysis of what your current, individual health issues are. You will receive tailor-made recommendations and a plan.  You also receive a 60 minute personal follow-up in the middle of the package, to see how you are progressing. At the end of the 12 week programme you receive another personal 60 minute consultation, to see how you are feeling now, compared to how you were feeling at the start of the programme. You attend the Zoom calls weekly, enjoy the coaching exercises and can take part in the WhatsApp group chat in between consultations to answer any ongoing queries, and share experiences, anecdotes and fun stuff.

Liz McGregor
Liz McGregor

Platinum Package

This Platinum package contains all the group support, alongside providing you with more intensive, in-person support and accountability. You receive an in-depth, 90 minute analysis of what your current health issues are, with tailor-made recommendations and a plan. You also receive a 30 minute, one-to-one follow-up consultation every week throughout the programme, to check how you are getting on.  This weekly accountability to help you stay on track with the small, easy actions you are taking to recover and build on your health.  At the end of the 12 week programme you receive another personal 60 minute consultation to see where you are now, compared to how you were feeling at the start of the programme. You attend the Zoom calls weekly, enjoy the coaching exercises and can take part in the WhatsApp group in between consultations to answer any ongoing queries, and share experiences, anecdotes and fun stuff.

With any of the packages, and with conditions that might take longer than 12 weeks to resolve, there is an also option to do a Package again, or move onto the Graduate Programme, where you continue your progress with ongoing support and accountability, at intervals that we agree between us. There will be new information and more in depth discussion on previous subjects, too.

I also offer a “Back on Track” package – this is an option to come back to working with me if you hit any unexpected road blocks (grief/break-up/redundancy/massive other stress that might trigger old coping mechanisms). This would be a package of sessions at intervals to be agreed, according to need.

Terms and Conditions

To help ensure the best results for your health, we need to keep as closely as possible to your agreed timetable.

At least 24 hours’ notice is required to change any one-to-one appointment. If you decide you need to cancel an appointment within 24 hours, you may forfeit that session.

Packages can only be extended if a serious reason is given.

The investment by you to Get Healthy for Life is front weighted, to help give you the commitment to stay with your package, and to reflect some of the work I have put into building this over-arching programme.


How would we communicate?
We will be holding group sessions over Zoom, run through weekly invitations through my Practice Management System, Practicebetter.
Is there additional support?

If you feel that you would like to have an individual consultation outside of the programme that you are on, we can of course organise that together. There will also be a  WhatsApp group where you can ask me questions, share experiences and give each other support in between the weekly group sessions.

What if I can't attend the live call?

If you cannot attend a Zoom Live (and there are two options each week), you can put your questions or comments into the WhatsApp group and I will answer them during business working hours. Your questions are likely to be similar to those of other people, so please do send them in. 

All questions are important, even small ones, and the reply I give to you may be useful to more people than just yourself.

If you cannot make either time that week, I record the session and post it into the programme, so you can view it later. 

What if I have personal questions?
If you have some questions that you do not want to share with the group, then we can set up a 15-30 minute consultation to answer those questions, for which I will charge separately.
What happens if my question is not answered on the Zoom call?

I will try to answer all questions on the day of the Zoom call, but if I don’t get to them all, I will post the replies in the group chat during the following couple of working days.