Infant Feeding Help

Arrange a WhatsApp call with me – then I can see how your baby is feeding

Call me on 07810 552 628 to help you learn how to feed your baby comfortably and resolve any breastfeeding difficulties. It often helps to arrange to have a call in the evening over WhatsApp, as babies are more often awake then!
While it is ideal to see each other face to face, in these digital days I can help you wherever you are, even in hospital. A WhatsApp call can be so useful, especially in the early days. Your baby may be more awake and alert in the evening and the feeding issue usually needs addressing immediately. The other advantage is that you may have your partner, a friend or relative there to hold the phone and focus on the baby! By all means give me a call during the day to arrange an evening call or talk about other issues such as colic and reflux, tongue-tie, allergies, food intolerances and skin issues.

If it’s out of hours, see my ‘Free Infant Feeding Help’ page under MORE… for free support to help yourself and your baby meanwhile.
I’ve been helping mothers feed their babies for over thirty five years. After first qualifying as a National Childbirth Trust Breastfeeding Counsellor back in 1988, I then qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 1995. That was over twenty five years ago, but I still keep up to date with the latest research. See the ‘About Liz’ page for more details of my professional qualifications, training and ongoing work to support mothers and babies across the UK.

Phone me on +44(0)7810 552 628 and we can talk about how to help you feed your baby.


These are £95 for about an hour and a half, over WhatsApp or Zoom.
This includes follow up phone calls, emails and texts, at no extra charge.
I will take calls on infant feeding over the weekend, as babies cannot wait to be fed!