From a gentleman with a serious condition

Liz McGregor has become a towering support to me in my attempts to learn to live with my condition. She has shown a commitment to my care which I have found from no other professional with whom I have dealt.  I can affirm with total conviction, that I do not think it would be possible to find a more caring, dedicated and knowledgeable health practitioner, than Liz McGregor.  Vincent M.

From a Dad with seriously high blood pressure, after only four weeks

My doctor is amazed – I am amazed. My blood pressure has come down from 170/118 before we started working together, to 118/76 the other night – I had to take it several times to be sure.  I feel a million dollars – lighter in myself, more alive, with more energy. Even my food allergies are disappearing.

My wife says she doesn’t recognise me as the same person – I’m calmer, less scatty, I stress less and I have the energy to talk to her in the evenings. She’s delighted!!  Simon G.

From a lady in her 70’s who had  experienced a severe stroke and several major seizures 

My mind feels so much clearer after working with Liz.  I feel elated and feel that I will continue to get stronger.  Liz is jolly, and she listens carefully to what is being said.  She makes recommendations that really assist the body and mind to feel so much better. 

To anyone reading this who has a health issue: speak to Liz!  Azalee J.

From a young woman who had been in a serious condition

Before I spoke to Liz I was admitted as an inpatient to hospital from the emergency ward. I was on a course of very strong antibiotics via an intravenous drip and oral tablets, as well as painkillers and anti sickness medicine. After 2 days in hospital the results still showed I had very high infection /inflammation.
I then spoke to Liz and she immediately told me what vitamins and supplements I needed and how much to take.

It went from the consultant telling me they would have to perform surgery, to being told 2 days later that I can go home because the inflammation had dropped to a much safer level.

I felt incredible gratitude and was so happy to go home. I then recovered very quickly and easily.

It made me realise how important it is to take an active responsibility for my health and I was able to do this by listening to Liz’s advice.
I would recommend Liz to anyone because it is clear that she is extremely passionate about health and how nutrition plays a huge key part in that and she wants to empower people to help manage their health issues and increase their awareness of the crucial relationship between different types of supplements , and nutrition, and a healthy body and mind.
What made me the happiest was how caring and concerned Liz was whilst I was in hospital. I felt like I was very important to her and I felt I could trust her wholeheartedly, and I am extremely appreciative of that.  Helen D.

From a mum whom I first helped with her colicky baby, and then when her baby became a toddler

“Thanks again.  Your knowledge always amazes me, Liz.  I’m glad our paths have crossed and that I can count on you for any health issues in my family”. Renata L

From a young woman who had seen multiple gut specialists but was still struggling

I had been  struggling with gut issues for about 9 months when I was recommended to see Liz.

I had chronic constipation and bloating that was making everyday life and socialising unpleasant. In a short space of time working with Liz these issues have pretty much gone away and I have tools at my disposal to use if a flare up happens.

I’m really pleased with the results.

Liz was extremely thorough in her initial consultation and I felt like she was really listening and took the time to work out the best treatment and solution for me.

All her suggestions were easy to implement and flexible and she was great at offering alternatives or answering any follow up questions I had about supplements or protocols.

She even offered suggestions for other issues which I hadn’t come to her with specifically but came up through our thorough consultation.

I loved that everything Liz suggested was natural, simple to do, and effective (and didn’t insist on continuing with things that weren’t).

I would recommend Liz to anyone with an ongoing health issue, particularly one that a mainstream doctor hasn’t been able (or willing) to tackle as she looks at the root cause of a problem and approaches things holistically.   Julia LP

From a man worried about his blood test results

I am somebody who has taken health and fitness seriously since I joined the military at 16.

Since then, for the last 39 years, I have maintained a good level of fitness through exercise such as weights, swimming, cross-training, yoga and various sports. My fat ratios have stayed between 10 and 14%, my resting pulse rate is about 55 and my blood pressure is considered “optimal”.

As I am getting on a bit, I decided I should have a full health check and took a private consultation. Imagine my surprise when the results showed high levels of cholesterol and blood triglycerides (fat in the blood).

Having had my ego bruised, I swallowed my pride and made the mature decision (first time for everything…)

That decision was to ask for help. You see, my diet wasn’t that bad really and I exercised a lot – I wasn’t really quite sure what to do for the best.

So, I found Liz.
The first thing she did was not bruise my ego any more – while still managing to be very straight with me about what I needed to do. She also provided great encouragement and support. These were all major factors in my success.

I followed Liz’s program to the letter and increased my exercise and improved my food choices even further.

See the table – the facts speak for themselves.
…best investment I ever made…

Thank you Liz.
George C.

From a mother whose baby needed two tongue-tie revisions, and then came to me for FEEDING support

I just wanted to update you on our progress as I feel we’ve made a massive breakthrough in the past week.

For the past 3 days we’ve been primarily breastfeeding round the clock, without the need for a break! Whilst it’s not 100% pain-free, it’s totally manageable and I am no longer damaged.

My baby went through another big growth spurt and I feel his mouth has grown into a much better shape and his tongue is working much better. We’re both starting to get the hang of it too. I think we still need to work on technique a bit, but he seems to be swallowing lots and feeling full after.

I feel so liberated from the permanent pumping, bottle feeding, sterilising, repeat routine.

I can’t thank you enough for your help, support, expertise, encouragement, good thoughts, kindness and time. You helped me really turn a corner and to hold onto the faith that we could do this.

My baby is now 11 weeks old and we’ve really been through so much with this, but I really think we are now on the other side of the mountain. ❤❤

Lizz L

From a client who was contemplating needing a mobility scooter

I just want to say a really big thank-you for all your help and guidance over these past couple of months. While I knew I needed to do something about my health, and possibly even knew what, I think I needed somebody to highlight the errors of my ways and to point me along the right, and guided, path to good health and well being.

What I had been eating up until you stepped in, was literally junk. I would happily eat my way through mounds of fried food, chips etc. crisps, biscuits, piles of cheese sandwiches I was all the time convincing myself that I would do something about my weight ‘tomorrow’.

Well, you were/are my tomorrow. What I’m now eating, and my wife for that matter, is a complete contrast. Gone are the bad processed foods and in come the good ‘proper’ foods. Our fridge would make our eldest boy so proud, and hopefully you too. We’re eating foods we would never have dreamed of eating before and I am feeling so much better. And yes, I’m even lowering the alcohol intake. With my heart and well being improving so much, hopefully, the fluid retention will drop if not go away.

I’m now cycling, and walking, and maybe soon, I’ll be cycling my old routes. (Liz McG – a few months later he was cycling over twenty miles up and down the Berkshire hills!) My heart is so much more stable and my breathing, though will never return to normal, the reality is that COPD doesn’t allow that, does feel so very very much better and will without a doubt delay the progress of ‘Codgers Old Puffing Disease’.

So, once more, thank you so much. You’ve been the shining light I needed and long may that be the case.

Kevin S.

From a mum who was experiencing mastitis

Liz has provided me with invaluable and informative breastfeeding support. Most recently after experiencing mastitis, Liz gave advice beyond what I could physically research myself to help relieve the pain and symptoms I was experiencing. After implementing this, I was much more comfortable and my symptoms quickly went. Liz provides great insight, support and help in a professional, patient and understanding way. Liz’s extensive knowledge and expertise is something for which I am very grateful and I would highly recommend her services.

This lady later added “You have potentially saved me from a hospital visit! I’m now back to normal. Thank you again for helping me, and so many other women.” xx