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Passionate about your Health!

Hi! I’m Liz McGregor, Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath,

Lactation Consultant and Wellbeing Coach

I have two key areas of focus – guiding people on ways to recover from ill health (working with adults)

and preventing ill health in the first place (working with mothers and babies)

Find out how I can help you recover and get back to feeling great, below  


Are you fed up with feeling tired, brain-fogged and unhealthy, with the prospect of going gradually downhill, struggling to eat healthily and exercise, or shift that stubborn weight? 

You might have serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or auto-immune issues that are worrying your loved ones and impacting activities that you enjoy or need to continue, such as earning a living.

Would you like to shift back to enjoying feeling focused, lively and sleeping well, where you can fulfil what you want and need to do with your life?

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Mothers and Babies

I help mums with crying babies to solve the mysteries behind their baby’s distress

As a Lactation Consultant,  I have been helping mothers breastfeed their babies and tackle colic and reflux for over 35 years.

Now as a Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath, I can share with you ALL the keys I’ve discovered to unlock the mysteries of colic and reflux.

Click the button below to discover how you can help your baby have a happy, more comfortable tummy again, using natural methods, not drugs.

Recovery & Life Support for all ages

Helping You Get Better

I can guide you to resolve the uncomfortable, difficult medical conditions that you may have struggled with for years.

I focus on guiding people to recover from complex, interacting issues such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, weight issues, chronic fatigue and long Covid; gut issues, skin issues, and auto-immune conditions.

You may be able to reduce or come off your medical drugs completely, working with your GP’s support

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Colic and Reflux – Causes and Solutions Course

1 in 9 babies worldwide endure the miseries of colic and reflux. It’s no fun for their parents either.
This comprehensive course guides you to discover the root causes for your baby, to help you transform them from windiness, reflux and pain into a happy, relaxed baby that feeds well, keep their feeds down and can sleep.

A Healthy Consultation For You From Wherever You Are

We can talk to each other over Zoom or WhatsApp from wherever we might be, in different parts of the United Kingdom, or anywhere in the world.

I am currently working with clients in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Romania, France and Spain as well as clients in the UK.

What My Clients Say

Bec Sweeney

“Thanks so much – you are always so upbeat and give me so many great ideas to help. I love our sessions and have found them fantastically helpful. You have been absolutely amazing and I would recommend you to anyone going through tricky health issues. I know I have presented you with more challenges than most! You are such an easy person to talk to and have really given me inspiration and hope when literally no one else could!”