Adult Nutrition and Wellbeing Consultations

You are probably here because you are worried about the impact your condition might be having on you and your family, and you want to find a solution that tackles everything.

 I’m sure that there are all sorts of things that you DON’T want – you don’t  to go on yet another diet,  you don’t want to feel hungry, you still want to enjoy your food, but you feel stuck.

This is where I guide you towards a solution that tackles the lot.

 I give you the understanding on the most effective ways to take back control of your health.  You will learn, maybe for the first time in your life, to take care of your body and mind, in small, easy steps. I use wellbeing coaching to help you connect with your own deep motivation that pulls you willingly towards your goals with enthusiasm, making it easy for you to shift your direction towards better health, successfully and re-discovering your joy! 

I cheer you on, and also provide accountability to support you while transforming your unhelpful habits into helpful ones, and tackle the changes you want to make in your life.

With knowledge comes power –  you can often help your friends and family with what you have learned during your journey.

Not only do I help you address your existing conditions, I also provide solutions to help prevent other pain and illness from occurring.

I give you the secrets to health so your body can heal itself naturally, just like it does a cut finger.

We work in a partnership that rebuilds your health throughout your body and mind.  And unlike some medications, food and lifestyle changes tends to work fast. You can start to feel results almost immediately, because we are working with your body, not against it.

Here is what one lady said after a free mini-consultation:

“Thank you SO MUCH for sharing so much – your time, your energy, expertise and wisdom.  I am truly indebted to you. I am thrilled with the plethora of information and am looking forward to adjusting my “ways of doing” to incorporate your suggestions. Sending loads of sparkly hugs your way to say a huge “Thank you.”    Dianne H. 

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Then, this is what you get when you decide to work with me: 



Initial consultation
(1.5 hours)


In-depth health, history and lifestyle review


Evaluation of the impact of your current medication on your nutrient needs


Tailored Nutrition and lifestyle plan


Supplement recommendations


Functional testing for allergies, intolerances, gut health, hormone imbalances and more


Detailed interpretation of your NHS or other blood and clinical test results, with recommendations


Strategies to help you manage your life-load


Strategies to help you change unhelpful habits and replace them with enjoyable new habits


Personal coaching to help you maintain your new food choices and lifestyle


A free half-hour catch-up after your initial consulation, to answer any questions and see how you are getting on with the plan


Follow up consultations – online or over the phone (60 minutes)


Collaboration with medical professionals involved in your care (if needed)


Practical and straightforward handouts and recipes

When you work with me formally, the initial consultation (one and a half hours) is £169; follow-up consultations (an hour) is £129.  This includes ongoing queries, email, text or WhatsApp messages at no extra charge.
The cost of clinical tests, detailed analysis of blood tests and / or supplements is handled separately.

You can book a complementary chat with me about how we could work together, by clicking the button below.

After the Initial consultation

After the consultation, I will send you your Plan, with additional links and information sheets containing more information.

We will have a quick free call a fortnight later, to check that you are happy with the plan and to answer any questions, then follow-up consultations to see how you are getting on.

In between consultations

You can also contact me by phone, email, text or Skype / WhatsApp in between consultations for any queries, news or support. A quick phone call, up to fifteen minutes is fine, but if we need longer, then we should either schedule another consultation, or agree a fee for the time.

If I find anything new or interesting that is particularly relevant to you, I will send it on to you, free of charge.


How does a Health MOT sound to you? Would you like to help your immune system work for you rather than against you? And without taking loads of drugs?

If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s that any underlying health conditions can make you more vulnerable than you ever thought possible. Bit of a tummy? Dodgy blood sugars? Blood pressure a bit high? And the news that half the time, it’s the immune system going overboard that leads to the worst outcomes.

You want to know that you can fight off any infection safely and symptom-free if you meet it, in the same way as you might be able to avoid the office cold. The principles are the same.

I have started to do “One-off” Health check MOTs. These are £99 for the consultation which lasts around an hour and a half. Just like an MOT, we’ll take a look at what’s been going on for you in terms of symptoms, and any areas that need working on. I’ll give you some recommendations to take away and suggestions on how you can put them in place.

We know that “Move more; Eat less” rarely works, by the way, so there will be something much more effective. If that mantra worked well, everyone would be slim and fit by now, including you.

Time to try something different and altogether better but less commonly “known”. How does that sound?

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