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Just being told to Eat better, lose weight, EXERCISE more – doesn’t work

“Just telling somebody to lose weight or improve their diet or physical activity didn’t work,” said Gary Bennett, a professor of psychology at Duke. “The doctor should instead encourage patient participation in a specific program.”

Exactly! Let me help you let go of the excess weight, by looking at the specific obstacles and challenges that you face, and help you to find a way round them.

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Depression in your twenties linked to memory loss in your fifties


“Psychologists has found a clear link between episodes of depression and anxiety experienced by adults in their twenties, thirties and forties, with a decrease in memory function by the time they are in their fifties. “

What they do not investigate however, is the link to nutrition and lifestyle that may have been driving the earlier depression and that, if not addressed, drive the longer term memory function issues.

No matter what the other contributing life-stresses might be, there is a lot that can be done to help, using nourishing foods, the occasional supplement and some adjustments in lifestyle that work for you.

Talk to me about helping you with depression and anxiety issues.

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Dietary changes now proven to address major depression EFFECTIVELY

“We’ve known for some time that there is a clear association between the quality of people’s diets and their risk for depression. This is the case across countries, cultures and age groups, with healthy diets associated with reduced risk, and unhealthy diets associated with increased risk for depression, says Professor Felice Jacka, Director of Deakin’s Food and Mood Centre.

In addition to the quality of one’s diet, depression is now also scientifically linked to inflammation in the body, as well as the health of the body’s microbiota, both of which are heavily influenced by the foods one chooses to consume.

Talk to me about ways to help you feel happier by making simple changes to what you eat!

Mediterranean diet edges out DASH Diet as the best diet for 2019


The Mediterranean diet has earned the top spot as the best overall diet in the 2019 U.S. News & World Report annual diet rankings. Last year, the perennial favorite tied for top place with the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, but this year it bumped DASH to second.

Talk to me about the Mediterranean Diet or the DASH way of eating to improve your health!

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maternal antibiotics, birth method and breastfeeding Effects on gut microbioME

Antibiotics, especially in caesarean deliveries are associated with the infant acquiring unhealthy infant gut microbes from the hospital environment. Breastfeeding modifies some of these effects.

Talk to me about ways to help you and your baby re-establish a healthy gut microbiome.

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Breastfeeding can erase effects of prenatal violence for newborns. 1 in 4 women will experience intimate partner violence (IPV) in their lifetime and that risk increases during pregnancy.

“Findings suggest continued breastfeeding actually stands to substantially reduce IPV’s inter-generational conferral of risk on infant adjustment.” Breastfeeding through the first six weeks of life acts as a protective factor, effectively negating the risk of IPV the mother experienced during pregnancy on early infant difficult temperament.

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