Colic and Reflux Course

I help mums with crying babies to solve the mysteries behind their baby’s distress

I have been helping mothers breastfeed their babies for over 35 years. As a Lactation Consultant, Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath and Wellbeing Coach, I now have ALL the keys to unlock the mysteries of colic and reflux, so you can help your baby have a happy, more comfortable tummy again, using natural methods, not drugs.

I offer a “one-stop-shop” course on colic and reflux to provide you with the solutions you need, with a weekly online Support group where you can ask me your questions and get live, personal support from me and other mums similar to you with colicky refluxy babies.

You will find the all the information you need all one place, so you can pick and choose which aspects you want to focus on first, without trawling the internet for hours to track down what might work for your individual baby.

This course also shows you simple steps to soothe your baby that you can start using today while you are removing the causes.
You will discover not only the 10 potential causes and solutions to colic and reflux, but bonus gifts on how to get healthy for life, build your baby’s brains and even keep your own brain sharp!

You can have a happier baby in as little as a few days to a few weeks, without needing medications.

You will be supporting your own health, too.

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